Intruder Alarm course will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills required to design, install, service and maintain today’s state of the art intruder Alarm and Perimeter Detection Systems. This advanced course takes the study of intruder alarm wiring, installation, commissioning maintenance, diagnostics and repair to higher level of expertise. In this training course we will cover the most common causes of false alarms and what can be done to identify and rectify the problems.
Foundation Intruder Alarms

This excellent blend of classroom theory and hands-on practical training will provide you with the fundamental skills needed to install, commission and maintain ‘state of the art’ alarm systems. The course also explains the requirements and implications of new legislation.

Practical Intruder Alarms

Are you entering the industry for the first time or just looking to ‘brush up’ your existing skills? Over 5 fascinating days, Tavcom’s expert tutors will equip you with the skills needed to work in this vibrant and rapidly growing sector of the security industry. We will teach you the best way to design, plan, install, repair and maintain intruder alarm systems whilst gaining an understanding the governing legislation and the electronic principles behind this exciting subject.

Intruder Alarm Repair and Maintenance

Faulty and non-maintained intruder and hold-up alarm systems will lead to significant additional demands of police attendance which may result in that response being withdrawn. In this course we will cover the most common causes of false alarms and what can be done to identify and rectify the problems.

Specifying Alarm Systems

A fully interactive course, designed to provide you with the skills required to carry out risk assessments and surveys in accordance with current British and European standards. The practical design and planning exercises for both individuals and groups introduce all the necessary new grading requirements.

Practical Integration

Traditionally security systems have operated separately in the Control Room but today these combine with IT systems to work as one integrated security software platform - freeing up space, simplifying reporting and speeding up the handling of alarms. This practical course looks at these systems and how they can be made to operate together in real life applications. It discusses the integration software platforms that are used and the different functionalities they offer to produce more efficient and cost effective solutions

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